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Over Under Bet by Underpicker


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Underpicker combines mathematical skills with mass driven error in odds to find value in many different UNDER-GOAL-MARKETS. I think that is the best betting strategy I've seen so far. I'm happy to be part of this process and can't wait to see the next results!

Radek Vegas

CEO of Xbet.Tips

Over Under Bet by Underpicker

When Radek came to me and told me to find a mathematical way to beat sports betting I as a mathematician told him: "It's all random and luck." After we spend weeks in calculating I'm really surprised what we found out. It's more or less an automatic system which promises a decent profit in the long run.

Undi Picker

PhD in Mathematics / working as Statistician

Underpicker – Sports Betting Tipps for Under 2.5 Goals in Football Matches

Why does Underpicker bet on UNDER 2.5 Goals?

  • All Football-Fans want to see Goals!
  • Bookmaker know that.
  • Bettors hit on over 2.5 Goals more likely than under.
  • Odds rising for Under. Propability stays the same.

“Underpicker” is based on a theorie that the mass bets on OVER X GOALS because they want to see goals.
With a lot of money on “Over” the odds for this drop and the odds for “UNDER” rise while propability stays the same. That is what we call “VALUE”.

With a lot of stats and a lot of calculations with a mathematic brain we developed a UNDERSCORE which results in different UNDER-Strategies.
Common Results in Football Games

Let’s have a look at the common results in the biggest european football leagues!

Premier League (England) 2017 / 2018

  • 22,9 % of the time there were 2 Goals
  • + 17,6 % of the time there was just 1 Goal
  • + 8,4 % of all games the didn’t score any goal.

48,4 % of all games in the english Premier League 2017 / 2018 ended with UNDER 2.5 Goals.

This equals odds of 2.066.

If you have odds of 2.07 or more you will be profitable.

And keep in mind that the english Premier League is one of the best leagues around with the best strikers and the most shots on goal!

La Liga (Primera Division Spain) 2017 / 2018

Let’s have a look at Spanish La Liga which is know for less goals!

  • 21,6 % they scored 1 Goal
  • + 20,5 % they scored 2 Goals
  • +7,4 % they scored 0 Goals.

49,5 % of the games in Spanish La Liga 2017/2018 ended with UNDER 2.5 GOALS!

That equals an odd of 2.02

That is even better than english premier League.


Let’s have a look at the „best“ UNDER 2.5 GOAL-TEAMS

If Valencia, Atletico or Getafe are playing: Bet on Under 2.5 and you will make a good fortune.


We are calculating about 10 different factors which play a role in results. If most of the factors are good and promise VALUE we place a bet.


This is our most promising strategie where we bet on under 1.5 goals in football matches which fit our requries.

With odds aroung 2.5 we only need a win rate of 40% to be profitable in the longrun.
As you can see in the following table: Our avarage win% in february was 50%.


While over2.5 is the most popular betting form his ugly brother “UNDER 2.5” is ignored widely. A fault, as most of the games in certain leagues end with less than 3 goals.

With a average odd of 1.5 we need a winrate of 67%. In the most cases the odds are even better and so is our win rate.

The “bad” thing about is that we have to place a lot bets (475 in february) because the odds are not that high. But I think a return of 82.98 units in february is worth the effort. If your unit is 100 Euro start dreaming.

With the Underpicker Strategie we created two other projects and deliver picks for them.


Same psychological fact as with under: Nobody wants to see a draw in football games. Most bettors support “their team” or at least a favorite. The guarantees a “save” and fast win but makes little to no money in the long run.

Betting on X gets us an odd of 3.00 or better.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know which games end with a draw?

That’s why we run a lot of different simulations and narrowed the factors which are deceicive for a draw and came to the best results in low scoring games. No wonder because the common X is a 0-0 or a 1-1. 

With an amazing yield of 34.65% in 159 bets this strategy is too good to be true. More bets for a sample size are required.



To make the gambling complete we also bet on correct score. ZERO HUNTER means betting on draw without goals (0-0) or UNDER 0.5 GOALS.

We found an edge because there are certain games which have a really good winrate of 20% or more. As the odds for a draw without goals is at least 6.0 we have a good chance to make a good amount of money with that.

A yield of 50% seems ridiculous. And that’s true. Even if it’s just 10% it will be a very good strategy! Let’s hunt the Zero!

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